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    Is it possible to control when and how long the GPRS connection is on (the green arrows) as opposed to only when you click on Web or when it recieves/sends an MMS message.
    Basically, is it possible to hook up the GPRS connection with Cingular and keep it running?
    I have detailed files.
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    I think this depends on two things:
    1) the Application - some apps provide the ability to specify whether to disconnect on exit, etc. Some don't. Some apps attempt to maintain a "persistent" connection (e.g. Chatter when running in the background). Some apps will automatically reconnect if the connection gets dropped, etc.
    2) GPRS coverage in your area - Cingular's network "times out" users in various ways at various places in the country based on how many GPRS connections there network in that area is set to accomodate, how much voice traffic they're getting, etc. Contrary to what many of us thought in the early days, GPRS is NOT "always on" - it's "usually on, as long as the provider thinks that's OK".

    I run Chatter in the background and it usually keeps me connected.


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