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    To the communications gurus out there-

    I have a new Treo 600 via Sprint, and just put in the 1.2 update. I have Vision, but need to connect via dialup to an ISP when I'm outside of Sprint coverage (via Free and Clear America roaming). So I signed up with BudgetDialup (, but so far have had no luck with actually connecting via the Treo.

    In Prefs->Network, I set up a new connection of type Virtual Modem, which connects (I get the black bars), and my email apps (BizConn, and the built in Mail) work fine, but blazer simply can't get to any web page.

    So, here's my questions:
    1. What can be done to get web access to work?
    2. Is the Sprint PCS phone somehow locked so I can't do this?
    3. Has the 1.2 update done something to stop this from working?
    4. Is there configuration information (script, etc, or within Blazer) that I need to set?
    5. Is there an alternative browser to Blazer that would work with dialup?

    Any information or experiences with this would be very appreciated.

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    As an update - this is definitely a Blazer issue. I've tried the following:

    * Tried connecting with two isps - budgetdialup, and nocharge - Blazer works with neither, but mail works with both
    * Downloaded trial version of Palm Web Pro - works with both isps (with and without proxy)

    Any thoughts on how to get Blazer to work? I'd rather spend $35 on something other than just another browser...

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    blazer may be setup to use a sprint proxy and therefore wont let you surf when not on sprint?
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    Careful with this; you will get charged dearly. They don't take the minutes out of your general voice minute pool as T-Mobile used to do when I was with them. On my Sprint bill, if connect via dialup, they charge me a "data rate" which is the same as my per minute overage rate, even though it was at night and I had not used up my minutes.
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    I just got off the phone with Sprint PCS (has anyone noticed that response times have greatly improved?), and the rep essentially said that the data minutes would not incur an additional charge. I already have Vision, and they don't offer the Wireless Web option for the Treo. My online account shows a bunch of minutes under "Casual Use PCS Wireless Web Minutes" - I am not really sure whether this reflects the Vision minutes I've been using, or the dialup minutes I've been using (for testing).

    So additional questions:
    * Am I gonna still get charged extra for the dialup minutes (what rep says and what sprint does can be two different things...)?
    * Is the dialup going to work when I'm on digital roaming (the only time I need the dialup anyway...)?

    And of course, original question still remains - How do I get Blazer to work with dialup? It doesn't use a proxy by default - is there a public proxy I could get it to work with?

    dennisl, do you have Vision on your plan?

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