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    I am experiencing problems using the built-in email application to check my POP3 accounts since last Wednesday 6/9. When I used to hit the send and receive button, it used to say connecting to (my server name), then it would go ahead and download my new messages, and then send out whatever emails I sending.

    Now, whenever I try to check it just says 'connecting to' and that is it, no server name. It will stay on that screen indefinantely till I switch apps.

    Here is the kicker only does this during business hours. Monday through Friday, starting around 7-9 am till about 5-6 pm. If it is after 5-6 pm or the weekend, my Treo has no problem at all. My GPRS works fine any hour of the day for web browsing with WebPro and Blazer, and streaming audio through Pocket Tunes.

    I have configuer new accounts for email checking and I get the same problems. I have turned off any utilities that make the Treo do things at different times like Profeo. Soft reset my phone numerous times. Did a hard reset last week, no help. I even just reinstalled all apps and settings by hand, so any corrupted files would not carry over. Over this weekend I even upgraded to the latest firmware from T-Mobile and started everything over from scratch.....again! Everything worked perfect over the weekend, and then, Bam! 8am monday morning, no more access to check email. I get the same response as I did before my hard resets and the firmware upgrade.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, or at least some confirmation that I am not the only one with this problem. I talked to T-Mo last week and they said that there were no GPRS problems, which I can belive since every other program I use that utilizes GPRS works perfect. They opened a trouble ticket and called me a couple of days later to let me know that there is not a problem. It was Saturday when they called so I couldn't test it since it was working fine on the weekends. Now it is Monday, and no email. Does anyone know if this could be caused by some new port restriction on T-Mobiles end.

    By the way, I also have an iPaq 4155 that connects to my T-Mobile SonyEricsson T610. With that configuration, using the same sim card, taken from my Treo and placed in the T610, I have no problem at all checking!!!

    This has me very perplexed. No problem with my email server.... I have checked through wap, internet2 and internet3. I have the 19.99 unlimited data plan with VPN.

    Thanks for any input-
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    26 hours and no luck......

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