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    Has anyone had any success in finding an iSkin like case for the treo?
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    why is this in the sd card forum?
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    My mistake.....mods, please move to accessories forum.
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    I have been looking, but so far no luck...anyone have better luck than me?
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    Looks like javo edge is coming out with one soon.

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    It's now available to order!
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    hmm - after careful inspection of the pics on their site, I'm struck by a few thoughts:

    1. The nav pad and thumboard are covered. Kind of a bummer, since it's hard to tell from the pics how thick that section of the silicon is. If it's not that thick, that may not be a big deal. But it's hard to tell.
    2. There's some kind of funky belt cutout on the back. Can't really tell how that works. They need closer pics for better viewing.
    3. Since the 600 slides into the case from the bottom, I'd wonder how strongly the case will grip the device - I'd be leery of hanging this from my belt, with the possibility (yes, maybe remote) that the 600 would slip out of the case and fall on the ground.

    I was really wanting a skin-type case like this, but I'm not totally sure this one is what I had in mind, based on the items above. Hmm - we'll see......
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    I love the treo 600 javo-skin. I ordered the bundle with the screen and it is great as well! It is somewhat sticky but I love the fact i can set it on my dash and not have it slide away. Not bad in pocket either. Typing is improved now as i use my finger nails anyway. Get it! BTW the slot on the back is NOT for a is for a belt clip stick on to go underneath, if your in to those kinda of things.

    Some one needs to get this product on PalmOnes site to let people know about it.


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