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    I'm looking for a paint application that can import a photo taken by the Treo's camera, allows me to paint or draw on it for annotation, and then export it in some standard format (preferably JPEG). The idea is to be able to take a photo, annotate it with lines and text, and finally send it to someone by email.

    Suggestions please?
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    BugMe! Notepad 5.1

    That'll do it.
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    Many people may grumble, but I really like MobilePaint. Tons of tools, ability to use transparency, import from the camera, export as jpeg or bmp. But with the downside of using nearly 2MB RAM.

    It's worth a look.


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    Is mobilepaint, moepaint?
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    No. MobilePaint and MoePaint are two separate programs. MoePaint is free (and very good). MobilePaint costs either 10 or 15 dollars. It is excellent, though takes up a huge chunk of memory (I particularly like it's ability to share and have direct access to the directory in which the Treo's camera pictures are saved to).

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    Just a followup... the two decent apps that I ended up looking at for drawing on photos and then sending them out were BugMe Notepad and TealPaint. BugMe was faster, simpler to use, and more in line with my needs (not too many painting options).

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