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    OffAlready is a PalmOS® system utility to protect your Palm from accidentally turning on while in your pocket or in storage and to conserve battery power. If you have Treo®600 OffAlready will also prevent accidentally answering the phone. The only way to turn on your Palm is to use the key combination.

    OffAlready will also prevent battery drain if you miss calls. OffAlready will immediately turn your Treo off.

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    Works nice...

    Some feedback:

    When the Treo is turned on using this double-key method it goes to the Launcher (ZLauncher in my case) every time... pretty annoying.

    Otherwise it's really nice.

    And one more suggestion. When you press the Power-on button it still turns on the device (for a short time), it will be really cool/"secure" it it won't turn on at all (no matter what keys are pressed) unless the original combination is used.

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    I found out that if you turn the Treo using the power key and the last app you were using allows up/down buttons (address book, takephone, etc') the Treo will remain turned on for the defined Treo timeout and the user can interact with the app (as long as he/she do not click on any of the other app keys).

    If you could disable the Power-on button completely (and not like you do today where it still turns the power on) it will be a much more complete solution.

    The idea is great, just need some (maybe Treo specific) refinements.

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