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    Unable to send MMS (text with picture). Got "MMS unable to open network connection" Called Cingular they told me that with the Media basic (7.95 that includes text message, MMS message and internet access) type of service I have will not work on the TREO 600. I have to buy an internet package for 24.99 + text message for 2.99+ SMS service for 2.99 ALL AS SEPERATE PACKAGES because of the TREO 600.

    Are they upselling me or have some of you had the same problem.


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    They are trying to upsell you. I have the Unlimited Media package, and MMS works just fine...
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    I had to call 3 times before I got someone who knew what they were talking about. You can use the package you have or the unlimited for $19.99 just fine with the Treo 600
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    I called Cingular's parent company Southern Bell in Atlanta and got a senior customer svc who linked me up to a senior tech. You are all correct, TREO works fine it was my setup that was the problem. In options under the MMS program I had checked off "Addr must be numeric". Once I unchecked that box all worked well.

    To hell with Tech support, all I need is this board - thanks again!!

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