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    I am wondering if anyone else has seen this... If you lay my treo down on its back and look at the right side (side with the stylus) there is a narrow slit in the middle above the silver bar where a small amount of the backlighting shows through... There is a similar slit on the other side but no backlight comes through. Also, I notice that the LCD screen on my treo appears to have a wider border on the right side of the screen, and thought it might be related.

    Has anyone else seen this???

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    No Light Getting Throught But The Gap On The Right Has Been Talked About Loads Just Do A Simple Search
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    Thanks I did a search and that answer half my question... About the light, its strange. On either side of the treo there is a small horizontal slit that looks to be part of the casing design, but on the right one on my treo a small amount of the backlighting shows through. The screen DOES NOT appear noticeably less bright on that side though. Also, when I look at the screen (during normal usage), I can see four lights on the right side that look like the back lighting lights. Are these visible to you? On the left side these lights are not visible. I am wondering if the screen on my treo was not set correctly and is leaning back (down) more than normal.

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    It's a 'feature'... they all do this. You are clearly in the throes of Treo 600 obsession :-)
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    Yep. So true. At first I thought it gradually happened on my T600, but then the upper side of the D-pad doesn't glow. (If it did, it would be kind of cheesy.) At first I hated the "glow" but then I grew to like it. I figure: unique phone, unique glow. The Rudolph of cell phones. Maybe in its next iteration, the Treo will have the option of having different backlight colors, like red!
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    Thanks for the reply! I am definitely in the "this has to be perfect" phase of my treo ownership. Which will gradually turn into, yeah whatever who cares if I drop it and etc. But for now!

    So you're phone leak light on the RIGHT side of the phone? And you ALSO can see the backlighting on the RIGHT edge of the LCD screen, just under the casing?

    Thanks again,


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