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    Hi I am a new Treo user trying to get PdaNet to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated (I tried e-mailing and it bounced back)...

    here's the situation:

    Using WinXP (should I have Win updates of some sort installed?)
    Treo 600 on T-mobile (GSM unlimited data plan) - updated to 1.12. (from palmone download)
    Sync cable that came with phone

    Received 734 error when trying "T-mobile Internet"
    Was able to connect using T-mobile VPN
    get 5-6K sometimes 10k then drops data connection


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    Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a good connection. I've used it very successfully from coast to coast.
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    I can never connect using t-mobile internet and it makes my desktop program crash. Using t-mobile vpn it works everytime with 57k speed. No problems.
    drmrw on a treo 600 gprs t-mobile

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