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    I'm wondering if anyone out there is having issues since they've upgraded their firmware from TMO? I'm experiencing delayed dialing issues and worse reception. More dropped calls as well. I'm not seeing the advantages. Does anyone know whether Palm is aware? I tried calling them this AM and was waiting 30 min before finally giving up. Help!!
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    No problems here. I am seeing longer ping times, but that is a network issue, not a FW issue.
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    If anything, 3.05 is more stable for me. I used to get soft resets when trying to send photos from the camera app. Not anymore!

    That being said, I did have a problem answering the phone the other day. It just kept ringing and ringing. the whole thing locked up, but I'm not ready to immediately blame it on the upgrade.

    One case does not make a trend.
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    Thanks for your reply. I read on another discussion board that two people were experiencing it. I was hoping it doesn't mean I have to exchange another phone. I'm on my third. I've noticed reception in the NYC area is down two bars since the firmware upgrade and when I check email, it's often taking longer or several tries to get to my email server. Glad to hear others have it working OK, just want to figure out how to make mine work all around.
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    My reception hasn't changed any, but then again I haven't traveled somewhere that I'd have a weak enough signal to notice the difference.

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