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    Every morning at about 5:30 PDT my Treo 270 gets a series of five SMS's that, when reassembled, look like this:

    "by this text because it tested posit . . .virus(es): W32/Netsky.c@MM!zip The original message has been quarantined pending further action by the mail administrator. ..about the message and its delivery status, please contact the undersigned, and include the full content of this message. The i . . . 'i5BD35TA018270'. This notification is being sent to you and any other original envelope recipient(s). To avoid creatin . . . nuisance and to keep mail traffic under control, the original sender of the message has NOT been notified. However, you may want to notify the sende . . ."

    I assume that some witless virus is including my Cingular SMS email number in its efforts to spread Netsky and an equally clueless anti-virus robot thinks that it is doing me a favor by notifying me about it.

    I contacted Cingular customer service and they say that they have no way to trace the origin of SMS messages--no originating IP address, or nothing. They admitted that this information could be provided under court order, however!

    This is very annoying, especially as I continue to get them in China, Ukraine, etc.

    Can anyone help? Is there a replacment program for SMS that will either capture more information or give me the option to kill incoming messages that meet a criteria before the phone begins to buzz?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Don't know how much info you currently have about the sender, but here's what I would suggest:
    If you know the domain or IP that the message is coming from, you can block it by logging into your account and going here:

    If not, you might be able to discover that info by opening up the SMS database and looking around. I haven't been able to find an app that allows you to see all the SMS headers, but they are there somewhere (just not visible). There are some people working on a SMS database here:

    Not exactly for the same purpose, but you might be able to get some info on how to view the headers from them. The hope here is that you'll be able to discover the sender's address there, and then block it.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks, but if I knew the domain that was alerting me I wouldn't have posted this thread! I'm afraid that I ran out of time . . . Cingular won't release SMS logs without a subpoena, and I can't find any software for the Treo 270 that can intercept SMS. Looks like my only option is to change my number. Cingular is splitting it so I pay $18--so kind of them! I pity the fool who gets stuck with my old number!

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