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    There were several news articles a couple months ago indicating that both Ambicom and SanDisk are nearing completion of their SD WiFi drivers for Palm OS 4 and 5....anybody heard anything new about their efforts??
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanRife
    There were several news articles a couple months ago indicating that both Ambicom and SanDisk are nearing completion of their SD WiFi drivers for Palm OS 4 and 5....anybody heard anything new about their efforts??

    I may have spoke too soon....
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    I put some moooonay in too.
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    We need a couple of definitive answers about the Treo 600 actual specs, before we require features to claim this bounty that are impossible, due to limitations of the Treo 600 itself. We can not rely on the secretive PalmOne specs; we must find the actual specs ourselves, or we we won't accept even the best possible submission.

    1> Can the Treo 600 SDIO slot hardware, and its PalmOS 5 OS, support a Bluetooth Headset profile, even if one is built into a driver for a card that supports the profile?

    2> What is the actual, tested max data transfer rate across the Treo 600 SDIO slot under PalmOS 5? In each direction (in/out)?

    <1> is harder to test positive without a working driver - catch-22 - but there are ways to test negative. Someone with a definitive "no" please speak up soon.

    <2> can be tested by anyone with a fast Flash SD card and a speed tester. Please test and post your results.
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    As far as bounty amount I'l put up more than my pledge if I get the ability to use bluetooth as a modem. Headset and sync have no value to me, but I pledged anyway.
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    One quick comment about the sync'ing requirements: I hope that that the Bluetooth driver syncs with both PC's & Mac's, not just one platform. Although I use both, I really prefer syncing with my PowerBook due to its built-in Bluetooth support.

    Anyone else in this thread have thoughts on specifying what platforms should be supported?

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    Credit - human7654
    over at HipTop Forums

    Cabir replicates over Bluetooth connections, arriving in a phone messaging inbox as a file called "caribe.sis" that contains the worm. When the user clicks the file and chooses to install the .sis file, the worm activates and starts looking for new devices to infect over Bluetooth. If the worm is activated, it writes "Caribe" on the screen, and will become active each time the phone is turned on.

    The infection spreads very quickly, usually before a user can disable Bluetooth from the system settings. F-Secure has issued a security patch on its site that will detect Cabir and delete the worm components, as well as the worm files from the directory.
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    So what happens if you have a cold and accidentally sneeze on your Treo? Does it get sick? Does your data become corrupt? Uh, no, and uh, no.

    That virus for SymbianOS causing any damage to your Treo (and we dont' even have BT yet!) is about as likely as a human virus causing damage on the Treo. Different OS + Different Architecture = Virus is completely inefective. SIS files don't mean anything to any OS except a Symbian device.

    I've had to explain to 3 different people today that their non-BT cell phone isn't going to get this virus.
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    Yes, I understand that the Treo 600 at this point in time is incapable of being infected by a Bluetooth-borne virus...just thought I'd share the information since everyone is clamoring for BlueTooth, mmmmmkaaaaaayyyyy.
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    As the headset is back, I have added my $50, making the total $2632. I look forward to seeing this work, and getting my copy of the driver, liscense key and future upgrades!

    This is cool, thanks.
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    BustAGroove... how's doing? have not been there for a while now that I have a Treo. Only number 6? a friend of mine is on her 13th hehe... are you going to get the new sidekick?
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    I'm in with the addition of the headset. That's all I want to use. Sure it would be nice to sync with something else or use GPS. However, half of the Treo is a phone - and I want to use it without the stupid wire dangling around! How often do people talk vs sync with a computer? I can handle attaching the minisync cord from my usb to my treo. Since I do that at most once a day. However, I use my phone alot!
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    i donno, i sync a lot more than I talk! I don't have many friends
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    Well guys, I just got off the phone with Peter Easton at Whizoo. If you check out his site (, it appears that he definetely knows what he is talking about regarding Bluetooth and Palm coding. He said it would take him maybe 3 months to attempt coding the driver for data and it may not work. He also said that it was purported that Palm has a driver, but it is having some issues. In addition, he stated that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to use a bluetooth SD card in the treo for a headset. Peter stated that the bluetooth chip would have to be incorporated into the phone. Maybe this is Palm's way of selling more phones to all of us who bought the Treo600. Peter thought there would be a lot of returns, call center calls, etc, because customers would think that the driver would support voice, when it would only do data if Palm releases a Bluetooth driver. It seems like a plausible explanation. So PALM - when is the next Treo with Bluetooth coming out?

    Or maybe, the solution is not software only, but having someone add a Bluetooth chip to the phone and then creating a driver. Obviously, this would require taking apart the phone and adding a chip thus voiding your warranty. Remember the memory upgrade companies that would do it to the Palm Vx?

    Any hardware/software guys out there?
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    To clarify what gene is saying ...

    The missing component in this puzzle is the Bluetooth transport driver. This driver sits under the Palm Bluetooth stack, and communicates to the BT hardware over the SDIO interface (or wherever the BT radio is). This driver is ARM-native. The tools offered to developers don't make it easy to developer a driver, and it isn't trivial especially over the SDIO interface. I can believe earlier reports that PalmOne did some work on a driver and have performance issues.

    Assuming a driver was developed, it wouldn't be usable. The driver is one of many Bluetooth components. The other components (the BT stack, the BT exchange manager, the BT serial driver, etc.) cannot be distributed without permission from PalmSource. This indicates that a commercial solution must come from PalmOne.

    Okay, so a driver is developed - but it won't support voice. BT chipsets offer 2 separate outputs; synchronous SCO (voice) and asyncronous ACL (data). The SCO output must be directly connected to the voice codec in the Treo. In the SDIO cards on the market, the ACL outputs are directed over the SDIO interface but the SCO outputs are left "dangling". Even if you modified the SDIO card, the Treo's voice codec is not connected to the SDIO bus. And even if you worked around this problem, the headset profile is not supported by the software currently offered by PalmSource.

    If PalmOne develops a good BT transport driver, will they release it? My guess is "no". It won't support the headset profile so they'll be inundated with support calls and returns. They can't make money, and they won't make many people happy.

    I'm guessing that the biggest demand from Treo 600 users is to be able to use a Bluetooth headset? The best solution might be to shrink a Bluetooth headset adapter down to fit inside (or attach to) the Treo 600. Something like the one Jabra offers.

    The Treo 600 is a remarkable product. If you haven't already, you probably should give PalmOne's support a call and congratulate them on the fine job they've done and mention that you'd love to see Bluetooth in the next iteration!

    Just my $0.03.

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    I find the concept of being forced to wait for a new Treo for Bluetooth to work as unacceptable. We paid $600 for this phone and it lacks what should be standard in a smartphone. We were told the phone had room in its architecture to allow for Bluetooth internally. Well fine, let them produce some sort of upgrade that can be purchased and can be installed at a sprint store or CompUSA or something. But to wait for another $600 dollar phone for a feature that should have been in the first one? It feels like were being suckered and letting PalmOne get away with it.

    In regards to Whizoo's post, so if the voice codec could be modified to communicate with the SDIO port, a headset capable Bluetooth card could work? Is the codec a hardware component? Can a firmware update modify the codec to what we want?
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    Thanks, Peter, you basically confirmed my suspicions about BT headset support, namely that the voice data doesn't have anywhere to come from or go to, and thus it's effectively impossible. Nonetheless, I think there are a lot of excellent uses for BT data support, and actually implementing the transport layer driver wouldn't be terribly hard if there were any documentation at all to work from (which unfortunately, there isn't). You can decompile 68k PRC executables, though with ADA Pro or similar tool, and writing ARM native code can be done with GCC set up to cross-compile to ARM target.

    Obviously, the result of such a hacked port of the SDIO-BT transport PRC is purely for the adventurous sort - legally distributing such a beast is not going to be possible without Palm's permission, as you have pointed out. Nonetheless, most of the BT drivers are already available for download from PalmOne, distributing a simple patch to it shouldn't present much of a realistic problem (I don't think PalmOne would try to stop you, anyway). You couldn't make it into a commercial product without Palm's blessing of course.

    I would defer to your judgement on the three month estimate - I'm not an experienced BT developer, just been poking around a bit on the subject. I wish I had more experience reverse-engineering drivers or Palm apps in general. And I wish I had the time to devote to this project, just for fun, right now, but I don't think I do.
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    After reading all this again, and doing research on all of the SD bluetooth cards currently available, I've personally accepted the fact that a BT headset is currently impossible using an SD BT card.

    BUT, that doesn't mean all hope is lost. A couple of months ago, I came across this page of a guy who made a BT module for his SPH-i500 which suffers from lack of BT like the Treo does.

    I've emailed back and forth with him, and have decided that the only way to get what we want is to build it ourselves. Here is what I've found:

    With a surface-mount BT module like Scott used, it seems to be VERY easy to get the Treo to sync via BT using the serial profile. This way, the treo needs no drivers and simply thinks its syncing via serial connection.

    Also, using scott's BT module, encoding the audio stream is as easy as connecting a miniplug to the headphone jack, as the module already has an audio encoder.

    Biggest problem I've seen is getting power to the device, luckily the treo has a lead to its battery in its connector, but I don't know enough about engineering to not blow myself or my phone up so here I'm stuck.

    A while ago I asked for volunteers to help me make such an add-on, but only recieved luke-warm responses. Maybe things are different now, and maybe with the interest generated by the publicity the site is getting will get some more people interested in this approach. I don't know.

    Anyways, if you'd like to help explore this avenue with me, my previous thread asking for help was lost when the board crashed last month (or was it two months ago?), so I've started a new one here.
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    I think the concept of a bluetooth adaptor on the bottom of the 600 has some merit. I envisage something that attaches like the iTrip from griffin technology. It would leave the SD slot free for memory, and you don't need bluetooth all the time, so no continuous battery drain. It also as stated above solves all the problems of connectivity, that arise with the SD bluetooth card on the Treo. Just my 2 worth.
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