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    i'm in for $50
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    Right, but lets handle that in thread

    Quote Originally Posted by fmertz
    Can we also get some action on opening a can of whoop arse for tpinfo4?
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    lets hope miradu gets this up and running soon and and a big thanks miradu who is going to make this happen
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    I'll throw in $50 as long as the final drivers support using the 600 as a modem/wan device.

    I know we're all diferent in our wants and needs with our PDA's, but I honestly can't imagine anyone not wanting to be able to use their 600 as a mobile net connector.

    I use PDANet right now to connect my Treo and Portege 3500 (Tablet PC) to the net. It really WOWs my clients...but having that damned cable hanging off the side while using a TabletPC is totally annoying!

    The difference in speed between surfing on my Treo and using the exact same Sprint Connection via PDANet is astounding to me. I suppose the processor just isn't fast enough for thebrowser -- it runs soooo slooow on the 600...but when I'm using that same connection via the 600 and PDANet with my TabletPC -- it's actually FAST (well, for a non broadband solution, that is).

    If I wasn't already confident that SOMEONE will develop a bluetooth solution for the 600, I'd honestly pay $200 to have the drivers in my hands...but since I think it's inevitable, $50 is a premium I'd be willing to pay to have them sooner rather than later...

    just my 2 cents...
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    Are there potentially combo bluetooth/memory SDIO cards available? IMO, these will be needed as I can't imagine swapping cards in and out all day .....

    If so, I am in for $50.00
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    Dunno. Check out the SD(IO) Cards Forum

    It'd be worth it to me regardless.

    Quote Originally Posted by jjennings
    Are there potentially combo bluetooth/memory SDIO cards available? IMO, these will be needed as I can't imagine swapping cards in and out all day .....

    If so, I am in for $50.00
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    I know that a lot of you have reservation on contributing to the "pot", but please remember that any working BT in the T600 will be a giant step for all the developers out there and will be a starting point for many more projects like Memory+BT SD cards, BT modem for your laptop and more.

    And also remember that if this dont go anywhere you are not loosing one cent.
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    I'm putting down $50.

    Let's get rolling!
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    How's it coming?

    Quote Originally Posted by miradu
    still being worked on.. We'll get it set up sometime today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magohn
    First intelligent response and progress to the silly,chldish "Got Sd Bluetooth Card To Work! " thread. Now let the other thread die so that he has to get his\her jollies elsewhere.
    Bravo! Nice idea...
    i agree. let's all stop posting any reply to that stupid original poster and support the intelligent here!
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    bump... progress?
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    Nothing from TreoCentral yet, but there was a post on regarding it.

    Quote Originally Posted by phatthai
    bump... progress?
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    If you're going to go through with this, you have to change the requirement for headset usage. The SD cards DO NOT support the headset profile - that is, the hardware in the SD Card does not, and will never, be able to communicate with a headset. They only support "Dial-up Networking, Fax, Serial Port, LAN via PPP, General Access, Service Discovery, Generic Object Exchange, Object Push, File Transfer" - in other words, only the Serial profiles, and none of the audio profiles (e.g. Headset, Handsfree, audio, etc). This means that the cards can not even be shoehorned into talking to headsets. Bluetooth synching is the best you can hope for.
    I'm a computer science graduate student, and have been tinkering with Bluetooth on my my phone since I got a Kyocera 6035 three years ago, and have continued with my Treo 300, and now with my 600. Getting synching to work, can be done, but it won't be great - you can't expect the sort of user experience you would from a device with BT integrated.
    I have made a lot of progress tinkering here and there on the problem, but nothing I wanted to share since it was far from complete. But given the significant excitement around getting this to work at all, I figured I'd share my project plans here and now, and wish someone with a lot more time than me luck.
    There is precedent getting Bluetooth to work on a PalmOS device that did not include it originally using TDK's Blue5 by way of the handheld's serial port. Here are two intrepid solutions: using a Palm IIIc (sorry, in German) and a HandEra 330.
    Given these solutions, my experimentation and design protocol looks as follows:
    1. get power to the Blue5 - it needs 3.3v, so I was just going to attach it to 3 AAs and see if it'll power up.
    2. get power to the Treo's serial port. As anyone who's tried getting GPS to work with their Treo knows, Handspring used a TTL signaling serial cable, powered by the host computer's serial port in place of a true RS-232 port on their products. This means that the small chip in a Treo's serial cable needs to be powered externally. Searching these forums, as well as other PDA-centric forums will reveal a wealth of information on this subject, and therefore I won't post all my notes here.
    3. Experiment with TDK's drivers and software originally designed for PalmOS 3.5 and for a device with a true RS-232 port to see if they will work with the treo without modification.
    4. If they will not, I had one other tack to try. Namely, to use a PalmV with the Blue5, to establish a pairing between the Blue5 and a Bluetooth enabled computer. Then, attaching it to the Treo, I would see if the pairing held and I could synch.
    5. if all of this worked, I was planning on stripping a Treo battery expansion pack to fit the blue5 and it's power source inside and give me an enclosed Bluetooth expansion pack.

    I intend to continue to tinker with this when I have time, and only to satisfy my curiosity. If TreoCentral intends to continue to support the pursuit of a Bluetooth driver for the Treo, I suggest it be amended to no longer include the headset requirement. Then, if anyone wishes to pursue that reward, you might get there sooner with my experimental protocol above. However, do so at your own risk - you could easily destroy your Treo, the Blue5, and possibly be injured if you are not careful with the power source should you short the Treo's battery.

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    Actually the headset is light. Great for driving.

    It'd much more convienient to not have to use the adapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowracer
    Disheartening to hear from Conrad that making BT work with a headset might make it a much lengthier endeavor, but at the moment that is the only benefit I will recognize. Buying a card and headset for $200 plus is kinda out there IMHO, and then add the cost of the driver, but it would be soooo cool. I already have the best pda smart phone, and this would make it unique, and much safer while driving. If the finished driver supports a headset, put me in for $50. Does anyone know what its like to wear that conspicuosly heavy looking jabra BT headset by the way? Just curious.
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    I just want it to sync with my powerbook and my wife's Acura TL.

    Keep up the good work, gentlemen!
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    Gosh, I hope this works out. Would it be too much to ask if we could get the programmers to have this work with my commercial crab pot ejection system? During those stormy days I could set in the wheel house and use my Treo 600 and bluetooth to communicate with the bluetooth PC attached to my crab pot ejection system so it automatically launches bated pots into the ocean and uses the GPS to mark their location on the map transmitting the info back to my Treo so I wouldn't loose any of them or get my feet wet. It would of course have to do this while synching with my Linux-powered toaster... I dunno, maybe that's a little over the top...
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    Pledge form is up:

    Based on Conrad's advice, we are only going to require that the Treo be able to sync and transfer files through bluetooth. Anything else is a plus, as it may be physically impossible to use bluetooth on the Treo 600 for a headset, or use it for a wireless modem.

    The bounty will expire on labor day: september 6 2004. TreoCentral will not charge your credit card unless a working application is completed. If you have quesitons email me. Anything we didn't cover that we should add to the announcement?
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Just pleged $25. Anywhere where we can watch the pot grow with anxious anticipation?
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    There might be people out there working on WiFi (802.11b or a, g, e, etc) drivers, which promise over 2Mbps (up to 11, 22, 54 or 110Mbps depending on version). But transfer speed tests published about just an SD card memory transfer seem to indicate that the T600 SD/IO slot has a transfer rate under 1Mbps. Bluetooth has a 1Mbps transfer rate (although its successor is due to be much faster, but there's no cards available in any connector or formfactor for any platform as of today). If that speed limit is accurate, our community should prioritize BT development over WiFi, as we'll never get the speed benefit directly from WiFi.

    1. Can we confirm the maximum SDIO slot throughput on an actual Treo 600 and an actual hi-speed card (not just the PalmOne published/marketing specs)?
    2. Can we seed online T600/WiFi developer threads with suggestions to reprioritize BT development, linked to pointers to this thread, to recruit more developers to the cause?
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    It would also be nice to have WiFi support as well as BT....wonder if they get BT working if they can also make the WiFi work also.
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