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    Hi there, I would like to know besides of performancing a hardrest, is there a way to stop the treo600 keeps resetting itself after a softrest?

    I just did a softrest my treo600. it kept in a self-resetting loop, and I had to performance a hardrest. I just backed up to my SD card this evening so i can restore it very quickly.

    I just think it must have a way to stop the self-resetting, without do a hardrest.

    any tips would be helpful. also, anyone knows why it causes self-resetting?

    thanks in advance
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    This is usually caused by one of the add-on applications that is trying to "register" itself after a rest. However, if that app has a problem that causes a reset (like a corrupt database), you will get into this kind of loop.

    The solution is to perform a type of a "basic" soft reset that stops short of loading many libraries (like network supprt) or performing add-on application setup, which is causing this problem. To do this:

    1. Hold the UP button on the 5-way nav.
    2. While holding the UP button, insert a pin in the reset hole in the back of the Treo; hold for a couple seconds.
    3. While holding the UP button, release the pin
    4. Wait a couple of seconds and release the UP button.

    The Treo will now appear to be running normally and not be itself, however, it is not fully functional. You need to find the offending application and fix or delete it. After that, perform another soft reset.

    Good luck.
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    Mine has been doing this lately. At first I thought it was Lightwave that was causing it (since I was demo'ing it).

    However, it did it again last night and I removed the "Saved_Preferrences.prc" from the backup folder and resynced after a hard reset and was back to normal.

    So, could it be that Lightwave wasn't officially registered yet?

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