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    My treo has thrown yet another fit today. I recently had some battery charging issues that were fixed after a hard reset. This is all new to me though.

    My treo began warmong up earlier this morning and hasnt stopped yet. It gets hot enough to cause serious discomfort if you were to hold it for any length of time. Battery drain is significant, initial 100% charge lasted for about 4 hours. A second charge in the middle of the day (charged for about 3 hours) returned the battery to roughly 75% power. Treo was still very hot though.

    In trying to fix the HEAT on this thing I did a soft reset with no luck and a hard reset and havent noticed anything cooling down yet.

    Treo should be dead for the 2nd time today in just a few minutes from battery drain and I guess I will leave it that way for tonight.

    Anyone ever heard of anything like this? If so, have any ideas on what to do now?

    P.S. This phone is currently waiting to be replaced by a new shiny PALMONE version white spots in screen). Sprint ordered a new one for me about 5 short weeks ago and Im just patiently waiting for my new one.
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    Similar thinfg happens to me.
    most of the time it is because I have apps running in backgroung like palmvnc or any others that use allot of the cpu.
    Treo 600-Sprint v1.20
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    The white spots on the screen are usually caused by excessive pressure on the screen. You may have dinged the screen in your pocket or by dropping it. It is caused by the LCD 'sandwich' being compressed to the point where there is permanent damage. It rarely happens spontaneously.

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