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    After flashing my firmware (tmobile version) my treo has suddenly stopped sending pictures from the camera app. Clicking send once does nothing, the second click causes a soft reset, every time.

    Anybody else seeing this, or is it just one of my 3rd party apps misbehaving?
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    nope i have done the update and everything is fine have you tryed trying to send a picture and selecting it in the photo messaging app?
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    I too am having that problem, though I'm not sure it was caused by the update in my case. I can send just fine from the actual MMS app, but when I try to send directly from the camera app I experience the problem you describe - one touch of send does nothing, second causes soft reset.

    I got my Treo and updated it the same day. I seem to remember than when I clicked a picture, it gave me the option to send via mail or MMS even after the update, so I have to think it's a third party app issue.

    Not sure how many third party apps you have, but perhaps we could compare. I don't have a ton, so I could list them. I would do a hard reset and test that way, but just don't have the time right now.
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    I just got a new treo to replace my defective one, and I'm experiencing the exact same behaviour. Have any of the previous posters solved the problem?
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    I have since performed a hard reset and installed my apps one by one, testing the camera app after each install. Now everything is working fine. I still don't know what caused it.
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    I just discovered the same problem. Never had it before, even after updating the AT&T software. But now sending pics directly from the camera app causes a crash. What should I do?
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    Quick update... I did a hard reset, and reinstalled only the apps I actually use (many of the apps I had since deleted were still in the backups folder). Everything seems to be working now.
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    ....make sure your application isn't running form the SD card. If it is then move it to the RAM and then try again...
    I have detailed files.
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    It wasn't that. It must have something to do with an application I recently installed (although, offhand, Phoneview is the only software I've installed recently). I also got rid of my zLauncher, as I wasn't using it very much. I'm trying to streamline my Treo so that it's only got the apps I know I'll use.
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    Well, I have not got the problem you describe - no crash. You might look at a mailer such as SnapperMail. Ben

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