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    Using HS Mail results in the following file getting larger each time, and unable to delete any items stored there.

    So what is the history:-
    Managed to get attachments working with HS Mail not long ago (after the classic soft rested problem).
    Each time I send an attachment with HSmail the above file gets larger, it is now up to 3.5mb.
    No amount of deleting from the programme, or even 'empty deleted items' reduces this files size and it is eating into my RAM space.
    I did a test by making an email up with a picture attached (90+kb) and then cancelled it without sendin, and without saving in draft, etc. so it should have been deleted entirely from the handset, yet on checking the above file, int had grown by, you guessed, 90+kb.
    Any ideas what is going on, and how to stop it?
    I searched and read everything I could find, but nothing in the threads.
    Am I the only one? can some folks check this file and report back if it is expanding and eating up RAM for them?

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    Scudder, we are SOL I think...
    This has been a huge thorn in my side since the unoffical GSM hack to CDMA version came out last november. It has this issue. THen the offical (but beta) version on Pa1m One's site came out for CDMA only and it STILL had this issue. THen the newest upgraded ROM for Sprint CDMA came out and it had an ofical version that was in the ROM and can't be deleted now, and it STILL has this darn issue.

    I got so bent, that even though the HS cleint works better for me, I deleted it and bought Snapper Mail. I don't know why thay can't/don't fix it. Perhaps because it "works" and they want you to by their (Pa1m One) other email client (versamail)?

    Somepeople live with it and use FileZ to delete that "Email_libr_HsMp_" file, that BTW, you get for EACH account you make with the HS cleint. then you loose everythign, even the account and you havce to reconfigure it. SOMe have a coy on their SD card they then put in it's place to make it easier, but I just got sick of having to do it, due to all the attachments I send.

    you would htink it ouwld be an easy fix. I posted about this many times, with little internest it seemed from others. One person even offered some $ to some one to make a fix and it never happened. I am shocked that more people don't compain about it, or perahps its' not an issue for them yet, untill they see they are out of memeory one day, and some very smart Sprint Rep (yes, I am being a smart arse), will say you have to do a hard reset, and then make them loose everything, becasue they dont know what they are doing (most of them, for the most part), there are some good ones out there, but most have not even seen a Treo.

    So off my soap box, I to feel your pain, good luck on your quest and if you find a fix, email me, I will be a happy camper.

    Regards, Matt
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    Oh yea, I think mine was 3.5M when I first found it...Go figure...
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    This file contains the information on your email servers that you set when you set up the account as well as all the email you've received, sent and "deleted". It appears that even when you empty the deleted folder in mail the space is not freed up. This is a problem with the application. What some do, and it works quite well, is the following:

    1. Write down your server settings.
    2. Delete the Email_libr_HsMp_BC4 file on your Treo using either FileZ or some other file manager.
    3. You will then see that the mail account has been completely deleted from your Treo.
    4. Re-create the email account with the proper server settings
    5. Do a Hotsynch. The new email file with only your server settings and no email will be copied to your PC.
    6. Find the file on your PC. It will probably have a different name, though it will start with Email_libr_HsMp. If you only have one email account set up, it will be the only file that starts that way.
    7. Copy the file to some other location. This will be your "blank" email account file.
    8. From time to time, as your email file grows, go and double click on this "blank" file. It will be installed the next time you Hotsynch. Keep in mind that when you do this, it will wipe out any email you have saved on your Treo (Inbox, Sent, Deleted, etc.), but you will have a small file. Mine is around 18k.

    This process is a bother, but it works.
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    Thanx everyone for that information... so, looks like Scudder has to go buy a suitable mail application...
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    Can't you go into Filez and make the file "Read Only" before it grows but after you setup your account the way you want it?
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    Scudder, no problem! Not unless you don't mind deleting that file every so often. It did get old for me.Eudora is free I think?
    Good luck, Matt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkhardi
    Scudder, no problem! Not unless you don't mind deleting that file every so often. It did get old for me.Eudora is free I think?
    Good luck, Matt

    it is free and works. just as long you dont want automatic fetches and dont get attachments.
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    I just created a new file for my email account and then copied that pristine file to my sd card. Now once in a while I just use Filez then delete from the internal ram and copy from the sd card. Now this would cause problems if you like to keep a bunch of emails in a folder, but I seldom keep anything for long so I have managed, but yes, this is a major pain in the *** and a huge oversite.
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