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    I've read the many posts about replacing the Treo battery. I just bought my 300 pre-owned, but just a couple months old. From all the posts complaining about battery life, I see there is reason to be concerned. I definitely think it drains far too quickly. In fact, I can simply switch back and forth between apps and watch it go down by 1-2% every time.

    (I'm coming from a Kyocera 6035, which could literally go for days using PDA, phone, and wireless web, without needing to recharge. This Treo is quite a shock. Was Handspring/PalmOne completely crazy??)

    I'm not quite ready (or technically able) to saw a hole out of the back of my case and install a big fat 1700m battery. I see on an 850 for the Treo 300, and a 1000 for the 270. Couple of questions for those with more experience than I:

    (1) Do batteries for the 270 fit into the 300?
    (2) Will that extra 150m (1000 vs 850) be worth a $35 upgrade? What kind of difference should I see from the extra 150?
    (3) Are there ANY other more powerful options for batteries that will fit inside the Treo 300 case without requiring major surgery?

    Thanks for any insight. Great forum, and I appreciate your time.
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    I know you can pick up a new treo battery on ebay for about$24.00, i was hoping someone could tell me where to get the 1700 battery but i never heard from anyone, so i used the insurance on my sprint treo and got a refurbished one, works great but $35.00 for the deductable.
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    Best thing I've found ( and cheap! ) - goto Ebay, and search for Treo 300 Extended

    They're basically selling a portable widgit which takes 4 AA batteries ( available everywhere ). This will also charge the Treo battery ( 4 charges per set of batteries ), or can just beused as a battery tank to increase the talk time et al

    Around $11 including shipping. This even has an on/off switch..
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    Will the 1000mAh battery for the 270 work in the 300?

    Voltage is the same, 150 more mAh. Looks identical. But I don't want to damage my unit.

    Will 150 more mAh give me a noticeable result?

    Thank you...
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    Just replaced mine, east to do if your careful

    Got mine for about 1/2 of handspring or price @$26 w shipping

    Battery is hnd 14-0024-01 on the 270
    it is exact replacement of original..

    If you are out of signal range and have a red indicator, the cell radio is using power at double the normal rate, turn the phone off to you move to another location and you will see a nice increase in battery life

    good luck
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    Thanks for the link. And the tip.

    That's the 850mAh battery though; I'm wondering if the 1000mAh battery (for the 270, which looks identical) can be put in the Treo 300.

    Can anyone advise?

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