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    Is it possible with the treo to set your "home" area code(s) and have it dial a "1" before any other area code? I phone a lot to Calgary (403) but don't really want to put 1-403 into all of my contacts.

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    I never dial a 1 but all my contacts have the full ten-digit numbers - even the ones in my home area code. You need them for those times when you are dialing from outside your home area code.
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    Oh yeah...almost forgot: in the phone app choose menu -> options -> dial preferences... and the second setting is the one you want.
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    In my city, Vancouver, you need to dial the area code even for local calls (604, 778) so I have them all in my address book as 10-digits. For my long distance friends and business contacts, I have the area code as well but was hoping that I wouldn't need to put the 1 in front of all the contacts phone numbers.

    The phone app allows you to dial 1 in front of all numbers with an area code, which doesn't make sense for me as all my local calls have an area code and I DON'T want the phone to dial 1 first.

    So, I guess there is no way to do this then? Any software allow you to do this?
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    With Rogers in Toronto, if I dial a 1 in front of a local number, I won't be charged long distance. So I dial 1 for everything and have my phone book set up that way in case I am dialing from somewhere else.

    Why do you object to dialing 1?
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    I don't object to dialing 1, I just wanted to know that it would work everywhere (home and away). I'll set it up that way, thanks for the tip.


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