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    ..if there is a special award for brave explorers like me who make life changing discoveries like this one.... I mean shouldn't Treocentral put me on their board bcoz I found a radical new sheath for mankind's most treasured weapon of mass information.. the Treo Grande? Huh?
    Look at all the cases on their website they won't have to sell because of this little nugget..... oh......wait a minute.....
    I have detailed files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    well...its more of a V ring.. I guess if you were to alphabatize it
    and can hook it to anything you want.......
    well...I checked again and it is actually a "D" shaped ring and not V..... I guess I deserve that for questioning a teacher.....
    I think it is time for detention and a little spanking......
    I have detailed files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j762538
    Looks good, and the IR is exposed? Could you post photos of the top and bottom, please?
    sigh... ok.... just because I am a nice guy. Actually, I am not even sure why I am pimping this case so hard considering there aren't any kickbacks whatsoever.... I mean the manufacturer might actually inflate the price after all this hooplah by 50-100% markup... THEN what are you going to do? Huh? Huh? You gonna shell out TWO shiny copper Lincolns for that extravagance...

    Let me say it again ... in a different manner......

    Underneath the couch you are sitting on right now, buried between the potato chips crumbs and the pepporini slices are ummm....I dunno... about 200 - 300 cases worth of $$

    I think on the way to work I may have accidentally stepped on about 10-15 cases worth of $$

    In a small cup by the grocery story cash register is about 5-10 cases worth of $$....

    If you are still not sure then please email me your mailing address and I will mail you the cost of this case (just include 37 cases worth of postage)

    Sorry to rant on you.... I know you are just eager to try this thing out ...

    Here are your pictures...

    Pssttt....aren't my hands purty?
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    I have detailed files.
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    Thanks, I just wanted to see if you could take pics that were in focus. joke! I have a great case now, HS belt clip, but I dont like that you have to open it to take photos or use IR.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    I hope it is worth it, I had to pay a penny tax!
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j762538
    I hope it is worth it, I had to pay a penny tax!
    yes... I think the sales tax is 100% in CA....
    I have detailed files.
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    wellllll.... anyone got this case yet besides me...... a penny for your ... thoughts please....
    I have detailed files.
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    I have detailed files.
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    Treominator, maybe you should consider therapy. Maybe an inpatient psychiatric program. Take a little rest and maybe get some medication.
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    Yes, I got it Wednesday. Good: It has all the cut outs except reset, holds the Treo close to body; Bad: trim is large, making it slightly difficult to press buttons, but it may loosen up, does not swivel. Overall, best case I have had. Where's my penny?
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    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    I love this case and would dearly like to buy one and have delivered to Australia.

    I have asked the seller but donít hold out much hope.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for acquiring one.

    Treominator are you able to help at all?

    My thoughts on swivel clips! They are rubbish. Pure and simple! Most break within a small period of time. I don't see the point of it at all. Give me the old standard slip on belt clip anyday! Solid metal and easily slips on and off.

    Treominator about that help?
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