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    Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else have a good solution?

    I just bought a 512MB SD card for my Treo 600. And, I have a Krusell case. I keep my treo in my front pocket.

    Every once in a while, either when I reach in the pocket, or when I'm walking around, something will press on top of the card, and because it's spring loaded, the card will come out. It's a pain, because I have to take the Treo out of the case, because the case is so tight that the card doesn't come out enough to go back in.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Anyone find a good fix?

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    get a case that doesn't press against SD card. the krussell is a good case that is thin and allows you to place it in your front pocket without getting too bulky. but that, and the covertec case do tend to unload the SD card. the innopocket aluminium case doesn't press against the card but is bulkier.
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    I file my sd card down to fix the curve shape of the treo 600 slot.
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    Pretty much any belt clip case or side slip case will prevent this from happening. Also, add this audible alert:

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    I second the poster who said he filed down his card. Many of us do, and it works great.
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    Anybody have any problems filing thier SD car to fit the shape? I got a 256 sandisk and really don't want to break it or have any problems.
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    I don't have any problems with my simpletach 256mb. It is a chance that we all filer take.
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    Have you tried tape?

    It sounded too obvious to me. All this talk of filing card almost had
    me convinced. I gave the tape a try and the card hasnt popped out

    Here's what I did. First, I removed the card from the Treo and cut a
    1" long piece of regular scotch tape. (I'll bet clear packing tape
    would work even better, but that would require two cuts to get the
    size just right.) Next, I stuck 1/2" of the tape to the top of the
    card with the remainder extending as if I was trying to form a
    pull-tab for use in removing the card from the treo. Then, I inserted
    the card while carefully avoiding the tape. Finally, I folded the
    remaining tape (the pulltab) back onto the treo. The tape holds the
    card in so that pressing on the card doesnt let it activate the latch.

    I suppose the downside here is if you have multiple cards and like to
    swap them around. I have only one.
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    There's a program that you can download from (click on my signature below) called NotifyMe that sounds an alarm when your memory card popa out so that you have a better chance of noticing. It's obviously not going to replace a case. But it's a very smart thing to download if you don't use one. For a number of reasons it's better than CardKeeper and PalmPuke, also availabe from the link below.
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    Obtw, I also use tape. But it's an ugly and imperfect approach.

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