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    A nice way to speed up web access is to save all web based “search pages” as a “Saved Page” in your bookmarks.

    These pages will be saved on your Treo so that when you access them they draw instantly, without having to wait for them to be retrieved from the web. You can use them to search the web just as you would if they were live. The net result is: You’ll have your search results back with only one round trip to the web.

    I use a saved page for each of the following:

    Google advanced Search
    Google Groups Search
    Yahoo Search
    Yahoo Yellow Pages
    Yahoo Yellow Pages: Change Location/Modify Search
    Yahoo Reference
    Websters Dictionary
    Yahoo Movie Showtimes: Specify Zip Code
    Amazon Search
    Yahoo Get Directions
    Yahoo Maps

    How to do it: Go to a live search page and choose "Save Page" from the Page menu. A bookmark is created which can be organized just like (and among) all of your other bookmarks. Saved pages are indicated by a colored triangle in the upper right of the rectangle.

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    Thanks Pete,

    Never used that feature before. This is quite useful for me because I get inerrupted with phone calls a lot while reading a web page.
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    Does anyone one which file contains the saved information?

    I saved a page as a bookmark, then lost the data on my Treo. When I restored, my saved page was gone and, unfortunately, the site has been taken down. I have a couple other backups I can try but I'd like to only restore the missing file.


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