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    Can anyone help me on how to back up my data in Palm Desktop? I read in the help section about exporting but not sure if that is the right thing (I'm not talking about hot syncing but backing up the data that's already been hot synced to another place on the computer).

    Also is that the best way to back up all your data or do you recommend another way?

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    i think that that is the best way but some people like to back up to a SD card using a n app like backupbuddy and backupman to back up to palm desktop just plug in the cable and press the hotsync button on it
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    I'm talking about making a backup on your desktop - an archive or something. Any help? Thanks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zxcvb
    I'm talking about making a backup on your desktop - an archive or something. Any help? Thanks...

    HUH? You wanna make a backup of your backup proifile on your desktop? Why would you wanna do that? Everytime you hotsync, it would change conceivably and thus be worthless? If anything just make SD backups and then keep an archive of old backup sets on your pc...much easier that way. Or just get an integrated solution like backupbuddy 2.0 or the backupman+bluesync combo...
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    It can be useful when your doing touchy stuff like restoring from a hard reset. Its a good idea to copy the files someplace else before restoring, just in case something goes wrong (like a conduit set for "handheld overwrites desktop").

    Under your Palm Desktop installation folder (something like c:\Palm) there is a folder similar to your username, or Palm ID. If your Palm ID is John Smith, it would be SmithJ. That folder contains all of your data. Most of it is in the Backup folder underneath it, and some is in folders for the conduits.

    On that note, I recommend something like BackupBuddy 2.0 to ensure you get everything each hotsync. It will also backup your SD card to the desktop.
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    Help! How do I contact BlueNomad by phone? I purchased the upgrade for BackupBuddy and was promised the registration code in 48 hours. I haven't gotten it, and emails to BlueNomad come back with "Thank you for submitting your inquiry... your inquiry is assigned ticket number..."

    I can't backup my Treo as the time on the demo version has run out.

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