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    1)I was wondering what the latest version of Palm Desktop is for the Treo 600?

    I currently have Palm Desktop 4.1 on Win XP. Is there a newer one/update and where can I get it?

    2)Also might be a dumb question but letting my wife try out an old Palm - m105. Can it be hotsynced with my current desktop software? If so, any suggestions? (Sorry if this is already posted - I tried searching but didn't find anything.)

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    dont know about the version but you should be able to hotsync to palms as long as they both have different id names
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    Can anyone help here? I saw at work someone had version 4.1.2 - it had notepad, voice memo, expense functions, etc.

    Anyone know how to get this update and does it work fine with the 600?
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    Also tried to sync my wife's palm w/ my desktop - had to buy a serial to usb adapter to do this (no serial port). How to I get it to recognize it? Do I have to install a driver or something first? And then should it sync right in under a diff't user name? Any help would be much appreciated...
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    I use 4.1.4 at work to sync my Treo 600, but that is due to the fact I sync a Tungsten E on the same PC, if you don't use the Palm Desktop that came with the Treo 600 you loose the conduit for syncing the photos (doesn't bother me as the camera is just a gimmik IMHO)

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