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    Hi all,

    First post on this forum, but probably not the last, already found some great and very usefull info here.

    I'm planning on buying a Treo600 GSM soon. Since it's a little too expensive here in Belgium I will hopefully be buying it in Hong Kong since I will be there in about two weeks...
    Now, I'm a little worried about simlocking, do they do this with the treo too? How can I recognize a locked treo and how can I make sure mine will work on my simcards in China and in Belgium?

    My guess is if the phone is locked it will have some mention of the carrier on the treo box, correct?

    Thanx for your help,

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    if it is looked just use some of the firmware updates on this site like thats what i did and now i can put any sim in it and it was really easy
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    I just picked a used one up about two weeks ago. It has the T-Mobile emblem pop up on the screen, yet still used my AT&T sim card. Then I downloaded the unlock software for FREE from a link on this site and the updated firmware and now the phone is 100% AT&T.

    Just stick your sim card in the phone to determine whether you have service or not when your in Hong Kong.


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