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    I'm trying to think of a way to keep my same phone number, stay with the same carrier, and pay the discounted (carrier subsidized price) for a Treo 600 / 610 (in the future).

    Can everyone please share your experience in where and how did you buy your Treo 600? And how much?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    palmone during the promotion period. no contract required. no new activation required. 399 + tax + express shipping
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    Same here... got mine from palmone's site during one of the promotional periods. $399. Kept my carrier and number. Of course, I had a treo 180 prior to it that made me eligible for the promotion.
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    From Best Buy on Nov 12, 2003. Cost $158.40 that with tax. I exchange from a Treo300 ($0.0) under a 3 year Performance Service Plan (cost me 59.99) that I got when I bought Samsung I300 ($449) on 12/20/01.
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    yea.. bestbuy has those 3 yrs performance service plan and allows you to upgrade your phones (if your original purchase was a phone) to next new version.

    which providers does bestbuy offer?
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    Best Buy, $400 after the $150 Sprint rebate.
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    Sprint PCS Corporate Store Jan. '04

    I was not eligible for any discounts or upgrades so I paid full retail price.
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    EBAY! made a deal with some guy selling the phone. didn't bid for it. i just offered him a fixed amount and negotiated via email. he agreed and few days later it was here.
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    rossoneri? how much did it cost you?
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    Paid full retail of $549 through ATTWS, my carrier. Wasn't eligible for any rebates this time. I did get the PPC Phone through them for $99 in January which was a good deal at the time, and the device works decently, but I wanted the 850 mhz band and even though ATTWS has a new Audiovox PPC phone, I decided to get the Treo. I use both OS platforms-either meets my use needs, but Palm OS is less of a hassle with resets, program memory stuff etc, so I opted to get the Treo even though it was more. I'm glad I did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock
    rossoneri? how much did it cost you?
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    Cingular retail store, $499 (existing Cingular customer, renewed contract).
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    I got my GSM Treo 600, that I use on T-Mobile, during the promotion period. I ordered on March 1, 2004 and did not need a contract or new activation. I paid 399 + tax + shipping.
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    Same as rossoneri, offered a fixed amount to a seller on eBay and bought it; no bidding. $400
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    Quote Originally Posted by full_flex
    Same as rossoneri, offered a fixed amount to a seller on eBay and bought it; no bidding. $400
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    changed from Cingular to Sprint to get one. Cingular had been promising one to me "next week" for 2 months.

    I bought it at CompUSA and with all the rebates paid 299 for it.
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    directly from sprint on the phone and paid about $250-$300...had to resign a 2 year agreement tho but got a lot of stuff out of it
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