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    My current company supports both blackberry and goodlink (for treos) and gave us our choice of devices (I chose treo and love it). But I am leaving the company for a better job elsewhere. Unfortunately the better job comes with a cost -- the new company does not issue blackberrys or treos and does not really support either. (One of the nice things -- actually -- about my new job is that they do NOT expect us to be responsive to emails and such 100% of the time).

    But I love my treo and I love getting acces to email and my calendar on the go. Assuming that the new company's backend IT support is nonexistent (ie., goodlink). Are there programs that will allow me to receive (1) push email and (2) access, update and sync my outlook calendar and contacts wirelessly. I know there is a client program (that runs on your office pc) that is available on the Sprint version of the treo -- but I want to use the T-Mobile GSM version. Is the same program available on the T-mobile version? Does it require that certain ports be open in the corporate firewall?

    I will be buying the treo on my own and paying for the voice and data service (I don't mind really). But I want to make sure it will work.
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    try BaseJet, it is pricey but works the way you state. Client application on your PC with Exchange and fires the emails to the BaseJet server which then relays to your Treo
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    I don't think Basejet does syncing of Calendar and Contacts though. Or does it?
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    I'm currently Beta-testing a product called Seven, which is very similar to Sprint's Business Connect. (both made by the same company, Seven) Anyway, it works very similarly to BaseJet in that it's a "desktop re-director". -meaning, you install a piece of software on your work PC (which must remain ON at all times) which takes your new email and shoots it to an outside server, which then transmits it wirelessly to your Treo.
    They do support wireless Calendar, contacts, and even files. Although at this point the Calendar is pretty bare-bones. Probably only about 40% of the functionality of even the built-in palm calendar. However, the 40% that's there works very nicely. I assume they plan on adding more functionality to it over time, in which case it might be the ultimate solution.

    Check it out at

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