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    Voice over WLAN Still a Joke That's Not Funny

    Follow this link for a Yahoo article about the current status of VOIP.

    The question here often arises about when or if this will be possible. Doesn't look like it anytime soon.
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    Well for what it's worth, I was able to install the latest Palm GPhone 3.0 (VoIP phone) on my Treo 600. Unfortuantely, I don't know anyone else that has it installed to try it out with. Perhaps someone else here can install it and we can give it a try. Send me a PM if anyone wants to try it out.
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    The GPhone app is not true VoIP. It's more of a voice-chat program. You can only "Call" other GPhone users with it.
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    you should check out

    I run one of these sip servers but am still waiting on wifi support for my treo, lots of support for ce already.

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    I run an Asterisk instance with a Sipura 3000 as a PSTN gateway and a Sipura 2000 for additional analog handsets. All works great, and wireless is fine as there is plenty of bandwidth, I use it all the time with laptops with Xten ( softphones. Probably just some lame network setup at the show, the journalist makes a leap in saying that 'WLAN' doesn't work. Give me a break.

    I have tried to get GPhone working, but the thing won't connect (on Windows or PalmOS), trying to work with their support to figure it out. I have to say I am not impressed with the app thus far, as you may only be logged into one end-point (exactly the opposite of what SIP can and should be doing), all of those leading '0's in the username and apparently closed to only the GPhone network (I use FWD/IAXtel for interconnection).

    If anyone has any insight on how to get it working it would be appreciated. As then maybe we could hack away to get it running with something besides the GPhone proxy server.

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