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    What is the site for Shoutcast selections for lower bandwith stations for usage with pTunes on the Treo 600?
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    Try this link Look to you right for Limit by Bandwidth
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    i wish tmo has better GPRS connection. but i still manage to play some trance pls files on 33.6k bandwidth.

    thanks for the site. it is the best. i also downloaded some on my laptop so I can listen them on a good bandwidth (@ home and @ wk)
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    Checkout the shoutcast listings at TreoBits (link in signature), which is derived from what's available from, but a selection of lower bandwidth stations that should actually work.
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    Anyone know a good "Sports Talk" shoutcast station?
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    Okay, I'm new to Shoutcast.

    When I click the link you posted it wants me to download it to my PC. Do I then somehow sync that link to my Treo? Or is it something else I'm missing?
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    Well I navigated to this thread, clicked on the link you provided, got the ESPN station playing, then created a bookmark for it in Pocket Tunes.

    Was there an easier way?

    Thanks BTW.
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    That link needs to be visited through Blazer, or entered into Pocket Tunes Deluxe by hand. Or, you could get to it by going to TreoBits on your Treo, and then to Shoutcast, and search for Sports at the bottom. It will have that link in the results. Besides that, you could go directly to and do the search, but that will return stations with bitrates too fast for the wireless connection to handle.
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    Yes, Treobits is one site i am SO glad they put links up to that help with Shoutcast along with other links. Very time saving! especially since it is basically text, i love it! Also, if the person who needs low bandwidth Shoutcast is wondering, 24-32kbit would be about the max bitrate you can listen to for streaming, at least without it buffering a good amount

    definitely like, thanks and I hope they never take their site down
    ps check out the other links with software .prc files that are available for demo and download

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