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    I've been happily using my 180 on T-Mobile. I especially like the free WAP. My wife uses a basic cell phone on T-Mobile. She has the opportunity to renew her contract and get a 270 for $50 - $100. She'd keep her phone and I'd get the 270 .

    I'm wondering if switching over will be problem-free. I'm not sure which settings are in my SIM card and which are in the device itself. Does anyone know if I simply put my existing SIM into a brand-new 270, will I be able to synch and have everything I'm using (including free WAP) on the 180 show up in color on the 270?
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    I would download BackupBuddy, sync the 180 (don't reset never know) then sync the 270. Backupbuddy is know for backing up every single file on the Palm. That should save most if not all of your settings.

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