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    Hi to all,
    anyone found anywhere CallShield version 2.0 ?? I try search their site but I can only donwload 1.xx.
    I want to try version 2.0 before I buy it.

    Thank you.
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    From what I understand the regular version was released but the Pro Beta is still 1.5 and has been for weeks. I'm not sure what there doing but thing appear to have stopped moving forward with no 2.0 in site.
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    CallShield 2.0 is still in ALPHA phase of dev....
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    I knew I read a press release around May 1 saying CallShield Pro version 2.0 was out, but couldn't find on the Mantra Group site. I had sent them an email asking about it, and the Support Group replied;

    "We released and took it back as it had a problem with a bug. We will
    release it soon."

    I received that email May 27.
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