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    Whoever has the real answer please reply. I am tired of getting screwed by ATT for graciously purchasing a $600 dollar phone that happens to work on their system and no one elses. I get no service where I live, and it is as if ATT is just threatening me with that one signal bar and lots of noone can hear what the @#$% I'm saying except for the buzzing. These are unruly times, and I am just looking for a train to cingular!

    p.s. palm just replaced my second treo for the same buzzing problem. I specifically asked and begged for an unlocked phone, claiming I did not buy it from ATT to begin with, but they insist on making me a slave.

    thank you
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    As someone who also suffered under the evil hand of AT&T, I feel your pain. I'm now using my AT&T Treo with T-Mobile.

    Search this site and for unlocking info. It's actually fairly simple to do. I upgraded my firmware to the newest T-M release, and then, using a patch available on, unlocked it. Works as advertised.

    Good luck!

    - hoju
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    The download is now gone from MyTreo. It was suppressed.
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    the link might be gone, but there are plenty of helpful people there ...

    ----- the ultimate Treo resource
    Treo Knowledge base (FAQ's)

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