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    Because my alarms with Lightwav stopped working with the Beta of SnapperMail 2.0. I started a thread on SnapperMails Yahoo Forum.
    According to Stuart Nicholson of SnapperMail - Lightwav may no longer work with Snappermail - See attached thread.

    From: "Stuart Nicholson"
    Date: Thu Jun 10, 2004 8:07 pm
    Subject: Re: Lightwav Alarms Stopped Functioning

    Ah...alarm handling in SnapperMail has got a *lot* more complex with
    the release of 2.0.x. We're doing all kinds of things to use single
    alarms to drive multiple SnapperMail events. Possibly that's the
    problem? I will forward your email internally here but can't promise
    we can make SM work with LightWav again sorry.

    Stuart Nicholson

    --- In, ipingcisco <no_reply@y...> wrote:

    > It allows treo600 users the ability to replace the Palm system alarm
    > sounds with wave, MP3 or ogg files. LightWav allows you to
    > associate any uncompressed wave file, mp3 or ogg (requires
    > PocketTunes) file to any application. When the application's alarm
    > is triggered, LightWav will play the sound file from the external
    > card and then let the application sound the alarm. It worked fine in
    > version 1.9.2 - Just enable it... Pick the MP3 to use and choose
    > silent alarms in Snappermail and incoming mail would trigger the MP3
    > (alarm)
    > --- In, "Stuart Nicholson"
    > <stuart.nicholson@s...> wrote:
    > > What do Lightwav Alarms normally do with SnapperMail?
    > >
    > > Stuart Nicholson
    > >

    > > --- In, ipingcisco <no_reply@y...>
    > wrote:
    > > > With the release of the 2.0 beta. Lightwav Alarms no longer
    > work
    > > > with SnapperMail. Using Enterprise Beta and Lightwav 2.2
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    Good news. Latest beta version 3.1 of lightwav now supports snapperMail 2.0.
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    Where did you find ver 3.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smiley88
    Good news. Latest beta version 3.1 of lightwav now supports snapperMail 2.0.
    Cool! Where can we get a hold of this beta version?

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