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    Just wondering if it was just my innopocket metal case with the belt clip issue. For the first time, i decided to hook on the belt clip thingy to the innopocket. i screwed on the latch and attached it to the "holster" and it felt pretty good.

    after a few removals to answer the phone, use the unit, i was starting to feel pretty comfy with it. i was near a bball court and took a few shots and then after a jump shot, the treo went flying off the holster. I wasn't too concerned because it was in the aluminum case. my only worry was if it fell on the antenna. thankfully it didn't and the case fully absorbed the fall.

    then i discovered how the unit flew off the holster. the latch got unscrewed from the unit. to prevent me from ever being tempted to use the belt clip again, i immediately threw both the latch and the holster into the garbage.

    so my question - is this a recurring problem or was i the only unlucky one?
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    On the first day I used the hard case with the belt clip I noticed the screw coming loose. I tightened it with a pair of pliers, tighter that hand-tight. Within a week it again came loose and the case fell to the floor (fortunately still in the case and onto carpet.) I've thought about replacing the plastic washer with a lock washer or a little "LockTite" on the threads, Any other suggestions?

    I also have a complaint about the clip itself. Mine broke in the first week. I sent a note to the company and they said they would send anothe clip by mail. Two weeks later, it had not arrived and I recontacted them and they said it went out in the mail that week. Again after two more weeks I sent a third note to them that went unanswered. I have since found another source for the clips and I am again using the hardcase on a belt clip.
    What does it take?
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    wow. so it is a recurring problem. i had a feeling i would regret hanging the treo on the side of my body which is why i never used the belt clip.

    immediate "discardation" upon failure is what i subjected the screw and the beltclip to could have completely destroyed the phone because of a $2 screw. yet, i don't know if i should be mad at innopocket or happy because the case *did* absorb the shock of the fall on concrete. then again, if they made the rest of the case as functional, i wouldn't have had to rely on the strength of the metal case eh?
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    you ought to be mad at yourself-"taking a few jumpshots" with your phone on your belt is not very smart.
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    i knew that was coming. hey, i don't let a piece of electronic gadgetry control how i live my life

    btw, the clip stayed in place. if the screw did what it was supposed to, the thing would not have flown off - the screw was the weakest link. i hate wearing things on my belt but because i had to be outdoors for most of the time yesterday and had to carry a lot of stuff, i had no choice. first and last time ever using belt clip
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    in my case it is soccer not basketball, but the belt clip has broken three times in about as many months, only once due to soccer. I decided to spend the money and bought four extra replacement clips, Im down to two spares. As far as the little screw, I tighten it weekly or whenever I notice it, loose or not, though it definately gets loose over time....the lock nut might be a good answer. Note that I now either put the treo in a sportsgear bag during sports events, well at least if im playing although after last nights laker detroit game (I jumped up and down a number of times while cussing out the lakers) I probably should have not had the treo hanging from my belt...
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    Rick, what did you use to replace the clip? I haven't had the "screw" issue since they sent me a replacement with a plastic and a rubber washer from Hong Kong, but the plastic clip broke at the hinge.
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    they sell the screws and clips at their site. Clips were 3.90 for set of 2, screws and washers were 2.9 for 2, I think

    Of course then their is the $6.00 shipping from Hong Kong.
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    my solution: threw screw and belt clip into a lake. never want to make the mistake of trusting the safety of a $600 with a 2 bit screw and belt clip
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    Had similar problem with my Proporta branded case. It fell onto a concrete floor thanks to the belt clip coming adrift. The phone is undamaged but I wont use the belt clip again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulf
    Had similar problem with my Proporta branded case. It fell onto a concrete floor thanks to the belt clip coming adrift. The phone is undamaged but I wont use the belt clip again.

    metal case too right?

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