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    I'm trying to download the firmware to my unlocked phone. I use cingular, but when I download the cingular update the phone says the update is not compatible. What should I do?
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    You probably need to use a programme called 'tokenwriter.prc' to change the crnm line so it is compatible with cingular.
    Once the tokenwriter programme is loaded onto handset and is open, type the following line:-
    'write crnm CNG' then press 'enter/return' button, wait until it is 'successfull' and you should be able to run your Cingular firmware.
    Best of luck.
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    I did that, and I got a general device error that erased all my programs
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    Surely the first thing you do before upgrade is to back up your programmes... it tells you to do that in the instructions, also, a hard reset is also recommended so there are no add on programmes there to interfere with the upgrade, the upgrade will erase all your data anyway during the process.
    Try reading the FAQ at, you might find them helpful.
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    Ok, sorry to be a pain. I did a hard reset, than when i do a sync to install 'tokenwriter.prc' to tell the phone its on cingular, hotsync installs all of my programs, even though the programs aren't in the hotsync todo list, so when my treo has the same programs on it before the hard reset. Any idea here?
    Thanks in advance
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    Ok, got it working, thanks

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