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    My Treo 300 is less than a year old. (A little less than a year ago, its hinge broke. Sprint said that it was a "known problem," and sent me a replacement.) Now, the battery is starting to go.

    Basically, the battery mostly acts as if it has very poor life (much poorer than it used to), but is inconsistent. When I can get it to charge to full (green light comes on, etc), I can get about 10-15 minutes of talking in before it shuts me down. This is the most common scenario. it then report very low (red) battery. If I wait a while, sometimes it will go up a step or two, and let me power up the phone again, but I only can talk for a minute or two before it shuts down again.

    Sometimes, after I charge it for a while, and unplug it, it immediately shuts down and won't even turn on the palmOS section for a few minutes. Then, when it does, it's at a random amount of battery life. Still other times, it claims to be full, but when I unplug the charger, it drops to a couple of pixels below full.

    Just in case, I've tried 3 different chargers (my charge/sync cable, the replacement car charger they sent, and the default wall charger) with no change in results.

    Anyone else have/had problems like this? Suggested solutions? Call Sprint and complain?


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    Pretty much the same thing happend to me when my Treo was 9 months old.This is a warranty item, you are entitled to a replacement phone since the battery is not removable.

    Took it to a Sprint Store so they could confirm the problem and then called Sprint warranty from the store itself. .

    Now the problem I had is that the Sprint rep on the phone kept saying that I needed to get a replacement from the store since Sprint HQ does not send out replacement phones anymore. Whether that has ANY truth to it is another issue, but - in any case - the sprint store guy was finally able to explain to the sprint phone rep that there WERE NO Treo 300s to be had in stores, the replacement had to come from Sprint.

    The phone rep lady eventually understood the situation and overnighted me a NEW (not refurb) phone with all the accessories and a return envelope to send back my old 300.

    The only other difficulty is that they charged my account for the new phone until they old phone was returned and logged in. That was ok with me, but it took Sprint a LONG time to get the charge off of my account and I got the warning message that my account was past due since I had not paid in full. So I had to call Sprint up again to make sure they noted my account not to shut me off.

    So my advice is take the phone to a Sprint Store so you have someone that can confirm the problem if needed and call warranty from the store.

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