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    Loaded the new Snapper demo a couple of days ago, and noticed
    that it often failed to auto-fetch messaged when scheduled. It tries --
    the screen lights up. Go into the connection log, and it says abort,
    device in use.

    Played around some, and determined that this happens when a
    background app is running. In other words, I have Chatter running in
    background mode. Same result with the new Verichat in background mode.
    If I exit them, Snapper will start happily auto-fetching again.

    It still fails if they are in the background, even if Snapper is the current foreground still says device in use.

    Snapper 1.9.2 did not have this problem, it would happily auto-fetch
    even with Chatter open and logged on, then revert to Chatter once it was done.

    This is pretty annoying. If the Treo is laying on my desk, snapper
    keeps trying every minute, lighting up the screen, and failing....really sucks
    up a lot of battery power.

    Some specifics:

    Treo 600, Tmobile, GPRS, running latest firmware.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    I can't imagine what "device" would be in use by Chatter... This sounds like something for the Snapper support board on Yahoo...

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    Yeah, I don't think it's Chatter, since the same thing happens if
    Verichat is up in the background. But, there's something about those
    processes, and their background IP comm with the proxy servers that
    the new Snapper thinks will prevent it from getting mail.

    Old version of Snapper works just fine.
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    Must be a new bug in Snapper then...

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    It is/was. The new beta (today/last night) fetches fine.

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