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    I'm looking for a cable or connector that will allow me to connect my Treo 600 to a DB-9 serial port. Although it would be nice to find something already made, if someone simply has information on where to find a connector that fits the T600 and the pinouts, I can put one together myself.

    The application I want to use the connection for is called Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS). It's a technology used by amateur radio operators to send position reports and short messages across ham radio. I currently have an old Palm IIIX and have interfaced it with my Kenwood D700 ham radio using a homemade connector and the hotsync cable. I'd like to do something similar with my Treo 600. The program running on the Palm is called PocketAPRS.

    Click here and you can see an APRS report for me that has been routed through an internet gateway:

    Thanks and 73

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    You"ll probably have better luck adapting the usb end .
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    I use the Handspring/palmOne serial hotsync cable to connect to my Linux box's serial port. Would that work for you?
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    The serial hotsync cable might work...guess I could try it. I didn't know they had

    A sign of the times...I went into an Office Max the other day and asked a guy for a DB9-DB9 serial cable. He walked me over to the USB cables and said that's all that he's got and he's never heard of a serial cable before, but he could do a special order for it...sigh...
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    You can get the serial sync cable from the Treocentral store or through Dan's Cellular Accessories store on ebay. You might also want to check CompUSA. They have started carrying Treo accessories.
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    Be warned the factory serial cable wants to steal power from the host computer. It works just fine if you connect it to a PC serial port where it can still a few mA from the hardware handshaking lines. But if you connect it to a 3 wire peripheral it will not work. You can get around this by making a powered adapter. Contact me if you need more details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    You"ll probably have better luck adapting the usb end .
    This won't work since the PDA is a "USB device" and not a "USB host" (like a PC).

    Also note that the way to control the serial port differs between a Palm (i.e. regular Palm's Vx etc.), and the Treo600 (different API). The PalmAPRS program will thus not be able to contact an external GPS receiver through its serial port, unless someone modifies the program to work with a Treo600.
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    The Treo serial cable has some active circuitry inside it to fake up RS232 signals. The same mechanism was used on Visors so you had to choose your terminal emulator carefully in order to work with rs232 devices. Online terminal app is a good choice.

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