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    Quote Originally Posted by coryburton
    Alli, is your hand in the pocket of ToySoft? Cause you sure do push their products.

    I push all the products I like. I push Agendus too - even like v. 8.01 Pro. Wanna hear my thoughts on Splash ID? TakePhon? There are a few that I simply can't live without. Read some of my other posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoo
    Yeah, and people complain constantly about Lightwave screwing up other things and about the delays in the rings. I tried the demo for about 10 minutes and then had ZLauncher wipe it.

    I think more people have had good luck with this app than bad luck. Pity there are still people who don't seem to understand the delay is in PocketTunes and not in LightWav. <shrug>
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    I am using my Treo to read my son's 2MP digital camera's SD card and email his pictures. It would be easy to use these images on your Treo.

    If anyone is interested in a good alternative to the Treo's camera I can recommend his camera. It's a Kodak CX-6230. Features include 2MP, a surprisingly nice 3X OPTICAL zoom lens, 3X digital zoom, uses SD cards, USB 1.1, real flash (not dinky little LEDs), +2/-2 exposure compensation range, surprisingly sturdy, o.k. magnifying LCD screen, macro mode and a street price between $100-120 . It's about the size of two Treo 600s held back-to-back. I think this is a better near-term alternative than waiting for phonecams to turn into real cameras . BTW, a cylindrical oatmeal box fitted with a pinhole and a piece of 35mm film is a 20MP camera when you scan the film on a good scanner .

    Still Happily Using the Treo Camera,
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