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    I have one of the first Treo 300's, purchased in November '02. It has always worked great, but recently the ringer has stopped working ... sometimes. Sometimes calls will ring, sometimes they don't. The vibrator always works, which is good because it sounds like the air horn on an 18-wheeler. Any thoughts on why it rings intermittently, and how to fix it?
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    I had the same problem with my phone it then went into cascading failure; the ringer, then the speaker, and ear piece, then the screen and while I was at Sprint we tried to do a hard reset and the phone went crazy the palm screen just kept blinking on and off. I even had a blue screen of death.

    If you have insurance USE IT, if not you would also be elligioble for an upgrade rebate big deal $150 mail in if you go for the 600.
    They did not discuss the problem with me mine was insurance based as I had gotten a new phone almost a year ago and Sprint is responsible for the repair, they then gave me another refurb at the store which now has a 6 month warranty.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'm having the same problem: no ring, only vibrate. And, I can only hear the caller if I wiggle and shake the lid a few times.

    I'm taking it to the Sprint store tomorrow. And, i hope they can help me out!
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    Yes, I'm also beginning to have the problem of hearing the caller. I have to wiggle the lid to increase the volume enough to hear them. Please post a reply about what they tell you at the Sprint store. Thanks.
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    I had my phone "checked" at the spring store. They sent me away for half an hour, only to tell me that "nothing was wrong" with it when they tested it. But, they didn't fix it. And, they didn't offer me a replacement or refurbished model. I don't even think they tested it. The service ticket had no notes about the diagnosis. And, I didn't talk to the tester.

    So, today I bought a new Treo 600. I just decided it was time to upgrade.
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    Please post a message regarding your experience in converting from the 300 to the 600. Looks like I'll eventually have to do the same thing. But I hesitate because I have all of the accessories for the 300 (charging cradle, auxilary battery, two cases, extra styluses, etc.) Thanks.
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    I am trying out the 600 - they give me 15 days to try it. I can return it for a refund if I choose. So far, I have not been able to install the software! I spent an hour on the phone with tech support last night. Tonight, I have to work with them again. Things aren't looking good.
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    i had the same problem with the ringer and speaker. until recent. My lid hinge broke on Thursday and the wires going throught he hinge were tore up. I guess 1.5 years of use will do it to you. I just ordered a new case (39.99) from the link someone posted eariler.

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