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    I need something simple to keep time. Something like what a lawyer would user. Currently I just use a note for each client, and record start and stop times. This seems a little low-tech. Wasn't there a free promotion or something for a timekeeping app for our 600s? Did I dream that?
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    One that I use is Punch Time Clock. It has a free desktop program as well, but you have to download it separately I believe.
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    Checkout TimeSheet:

    Timesheet is a little application for anyone working in a company that is as obsessive about time reporting as my own, or for anyone who genuinely cares where their time goes to.
    Timesheet aims to track the time spent on a number of different tasks to the nearest minute, with the ability to exclude scheduled breaks, measured against a standard working week or working fortnight, all with as little recording burden on the user as possible.

    Update Description:
    Many new features and improvements including:
    - Graphical reports
    - Table reports
    - Easier session editing
    - No clocking limits
    - Overtime tracking
    - And export to card.
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    I've settled on Punch Time Clock Pro, which seems to suit my needs fine. And there's a registration key freely available on their web site which removes the 30-day time limit. Or something. I dunno. Works fine today. Says it's registered.

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