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    I have been beta testing the newest Cradle Robber, which is a FANTASTIC security application recently updated for the Treo 600 that I want to recommend to everyone! I use it in conjuntion with OnlyMe.

    You can post feature requests and bug reports for the developer here. The program is being actively developed and the developer is very responsive. Also, the most recent beta is NOT availabe from Handango. The developer has posted it here.

    Let me know your thoughts about this one. I think it's a brilliant app for securing the device against pickpockets.

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    Obtw, while the version number says 1.6 in the description, it's actually version 1.7 that's posted there.
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    What does it do? The description doesnt' really tell me all that much. THanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    What does it do? The description doesnt' really tell me all that much. THanks.
    Sounds like it makes loud noises (alarms) if the treo is removed from the cradle (someone trying to steal it, or sneak a peek at your treo when you leave your desk) or when the headphones are disconnected (someone tries to steal it from your pocket while it's plugged in to the headphones.)

    Seems to me that the snoop would just have to hit that little switch on top that turns off all sound, before removing it from the cradle. <shrug>

    The web site is not very clear as to how it actually works though. Is there a password that must be entered before the device can be removed from the cradle or a key combination or what? Doesn't sound like anything I'd be interested in personally. But it is a unique idea.

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    ohhh....sounds pretty weird to me.
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    Cradle Robber is really's worth trying.

    If you work in a cubicle environment and leave your device on your desk, it might be for you. Basically if someone lifts your PDA from it's cradle or unplugs it from your charger, a loud-siren alarm sounds that on most PDAs is only silenceable by returning the PDA to its' cradle or knowing your secret code. It's a pretty easy way to catch a coworker "borrowing" your Treo. The ringer-vibrate switch is an issue in the current beta that the developer is right now trying to overcome. He has posted on the P1 developers forum about it and here. If there are any developers in the community who know how to overcome the issue, please post a message for the developer.

    There is a new feature that is only available in a beta from one place in the download area. When you wear your PDA on your belt or in a front pocket where it can easily be snagged by a pickpocket, you can use your headphones as a security cord. If somone snags your device away from you, you have a chance of being alerted immediately instead of ten minutes later. If you fall asleep on an airplane with your precious device laying on the pull down tray, you can sleep comfortably knowing that, if someone tries to snag the device, a loud alarm will sound that can only be silenced by his returning the device to its rightful owner.

    Great concept.. There are some features that would be worthwhile in my opinion and the developer's very responsive to messages in this thread.
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    Sounds pretty strange... the Vib/Sound button looks like a physical switch to me (and not software operated), so good luck on that one.
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    Actually it is a software switch. At least it was on the Treo 300s and before.
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    I posted a new thread on the software switch issue....hopefully someone will have info to share
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    I think it is a great idea.

    I hear of Treos being snagged all the time and the alarm is a very good deterrent.

    Nothing weird or strange to me. Maybe a way to safeguard our private, precious data. Looks worth looking into.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention Rosenft.
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    The developer is presently adding wipe and encryption. Those will be important enhancements IMO.
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    wipe and encrypt under what circumstances?
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    They haven't been incorporated yet....but there are a whole bunch of improvements for the Treo like five way nav support, detects when you're on the phone, alerts when memory card is stolen etc etc

    Cradle Robber version 1.8 is available. Click here.
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    Cradle Robber version 1.9 is available. Click here.

    1. Arming on hot sync option OS 5 devices fixed.
    2. Card detection beep fixed.
    3. Card and headphone detection no longer taking place outside of arming times. 4. DSG startup logo screen taken out for registered users. 5. Alarms will not go off when monitoring daily time starts up.

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