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    [QUOTE=webslappy]From the Phone favorites, you can choose any phone number for a contact by moving to the desired button and then hit the space bar. This will bring up a list of all the phone numbers for that contact.

    Thanks for the tip. Got tired of searching through the contacts list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkhardi

    We are human you know

    Linksavage, Chuy's rules! All of there places
    Shady Grove
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    Boat Yard
    I also hear a rumor they own the local frachise of Krispy Kreme in Austin too!
    Green Chile Cheese Fries from Shady Grove...YUM!
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    Another one, probably really basic but I never realised till the other day...
    When writing a new e-mail (in the Treo mail app) in the To: field just start typing the e-mail address, this brings up the most likely match, just keep typing until the match displayed is the one you want. I was going through the menu system and selecting Lookup which took ages until yesterday. In my defence this is because I expected it to work in the same way as the SMS app but it doesn't.
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    I have to write numbers down that aren't in my address book all day long from voice can select the phone number, then COPY it and switch to the phone app, PASTE it and Dial. Simple, but often overlooked.

    Great thread!
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    ^ ooh, that's a good one pcrick!
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    Thanks TreoLady. I have to say that if those indeed are your lips...they are luscious!
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    DealScanner - <- best deal site on the web
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    I think this tip fits into this category...

    Although in the office, I use my speakerphone or hands free cable with built-in mic for most conversations, I've found other times when there is too much background noise for me to hear what the other person is saying via the single-ear (hands-free) ear-bud or for them to hear what I'm saying over the background noise. For example, while driving, walking outside, and other noisy places.

    For these times and when the speakerphone speaker isn't optimal, I often use regular stereo headphones (via the 2.5mm adapter plug) in both of my ears for the "speaker"-side of my phone conversations. Since the headphones don't have a built-in mic, I either (a) place the phone with mic side up on a table or in my lap or (b) hold the phone like an old-style microphone (upside down and so that the mic hole is near the top and facing my mouth).

    Unlike a typical hands-free cable, this setup lets you have phone sound in both ears so that you can hear (better anyway) what the speaker is saying without distractions or background noise from your other ear. In some cases, you still have to use the second hand to hold the mic near your mouth, but it's more comfortable than having to hold it all the way to your ear and keep it centered on the speaker.

    I know a better option alltogether is the Seidio 2-in-1 headphone set, but this is a close second and a quick fix.
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    Greenaway, Fits this trhead fine! I never thoght of that, sure beats sticking your finger in one ear, you know we have all done that
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    Believe it or not, but you don't even have to place the phone down with the mic up. I heard this trick a long time ago on TC, that when the t600 is placed down with the screen up, it seems that the mic sound quality is better!!??!!?? Like some sort of "amplification" happens. Try it. In that old thread, they were specifically doing this with stereo headphones and the phone set to speakerphone. I love this "trick".
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    This is another basic one, but I don't think I saw it in this thread yet...

    Remember that you can set up a one key shortcut to applications as well as phone numbers in the Favorites screen. For example, I use M for Mapopolis, T for Top Secret (password program), S for Snapper email, Y for Yahdice, etc

    Since getting my Treo last November, I never use the launcher for my most commonly used programs...Holding down ONE key for a couple of seconds is MUCH faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capecod-ken
    I travel a lot internationally. As a result the numbers I have stored do not always match the dialing rules of the country I'm in. If I go to contacts and find the number I want to dial and tap the number with the stylus the treo will let me edit it before I dial. Is there a way of doing this with just the keyboard? Its a pain when I'm driving to try to pull the stylus and hit the number. Thanks in advance.
    store your numbers as + (plus sign) then country code, area code, number. This works from anywhere in the world (in theory) no further editing necessary.
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    I just purchased through Ebay a third party USB cable that syncs and charges the Treo right from the USB port. There is no need for a "wall wart". It also comes with two adapters for charging from AC mains and car cig lighter. You should always be careful when buying 3rd party power adapters but this one seems to work well. The adpapters will work with any device that uses USB port for power.
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    To bring up a list of smileys, make a colon (option-k) and hit the Alt key.
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    I've been using this message board for over two years and this thread is one of the most useful I've ever read.
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    Fantastic. Thanks. I've been trying to do this with Sheet ToGo!
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    Sorry. I was referring to the suggestion of using the silver button with the down button to scroll by page...
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    hey burkhardy can you plaese help with sending email- or sms me at 5127627028. thanks if you can help with my situation just call or email me your help will be appeciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lonnielove
    hey burkhardy can you plaese help with sending email- or sms me at 5127627028. thanks if you can help with my situation just call or email me your help will be appeciated.
    You got mail...
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    not sure if this one's been noted
    I just discovered today that if you tap
    the date book button it shows the time
    in the top left-hand corner first and
    after a few seconds reverts back to the date

    what's the big deal? well i used to press the
    phone button but the time is obscured by the
    keyguard window which means you have to
    unlock keyguard to read the if you
    use date book instead you no lopnger need
    to unlock keyguard...saving, well... precious
    milliseconds of your time! if you extend the
    time that keyguard takes to activate, you
    can even get it to show the time AND date
    before it dims the screen to black again

    made my day this discovery
    <<< insert witty comment here >>>
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