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    Now that I've switched to using a "verizon-ified" Treo 600 (formerly from Sprint), signal reception is kinda poor. I used to walk around my house with my old Motorola Startac with pretty good reception. Now, I get no signal in the house with my Treo 600. Sometimes I get reception if I'm standing right next to a window, but I'm kinda bummed.

    Will verizon have a "tuned" version of the Treo for their network when they release it? Or this is normal reception quality for the Treo? If not, is there a way to further tune the Treo for the Verizon network?
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    Star-tac's have the ability to run on analog networks. The Treo does not.

    Star-tac's weren't capable of 1900 Mhz either (that I recall), but the Treo is. 1900 doesn't penetrate well inside of buildings.

    Perhaps you went from an 800 Mhz (analog or digital) signal to using a 1900?
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    My StarTac was the 7868 - it was tri-band. When I was in the house, it was in digital mode, but I don't know which band. Your theory is plausible. Maybe I can kick the Treo into using just the 800mhz band when I'm at home?
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    In your Phone App under Phone Preferences make sure that Digital Roaming is activated.
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    yes, it's activated. however, when I call *228 i get a message from verizon saying my phone cannot be programmed (although I can make calls and I am indeed on the verizon network - voicemail works, 611 works, etc). i'll call them today and see if I can get that ironed out. maybe that will help.
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    Well, too bad it isn't something simple like that. I would do as you say and call Verizon and talk to as many CSRs as it took to get a decent answer. I was thinking that they may have disabled all programming to hacked 600s in preparation for support of the Verizon version of the 600 but I guess I don't believe they would do that. I just updated my 600's PRL a few days ago without any problems. However I don't plan to fiddle with it anymore until after the availability of the VZ 600 and definitely will not install the new Sprint update. It has always functioned perfectly for me and I don't want to screw things up. Hope you find an answer soon.
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    I am having a similar problem at home. Verizon reception was solid until a few weeks ago. Coincidentally, I fried my old Samsung (water damage) and was temporarily using an older Star Tac for a few days until I got my Treo. I had a few dropped calls with the Star Tac and wrote it off as due to the older technology/phone. Now I am getting dropped calls with the Treo 600. All the updates were done, I have the latest prl. Digital roaming is enabled. I am not getting dropped calls in most other locations, so I suspect it has something to do with the service specifically at my is receiving on the 800 band (all the Star Tac had) which should be fine in NY area and indoors. Anybody have any ideas why reception in a particular location should suddenly change, or have there been any network issues in NY northern suburbs?
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    I also have a converted treo. For the last few days, the reception has decrease, and the wireless network is not staying connected. Currently, I am trying a hard reset to see if that will resolve the problem with the network disconnection problem.
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    I've found that the trick was to get the latest PRL. I was having trouble updating it with *228 but after I updated my phone to have an MSL of all zeros (using the Kyocera programming tool), I was able to update my phone over the air and bingo, much better reception. Still probably not as good as my StarTac but pretty close.
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    I just updated my PRL a few minutes ago (from 50158 to 50173) and my signal is pretty darn good. I have noticed that in some places with really bad reception, my treo will go to roaming mode, while my wife's lx4400 will still have a signal. It has never really been a problem though. I still can make/receive calls and get SMS.

    BTW, I really love my vz customer service. My last month's bill had $10 of SMS on it due to a spam contest going on at vz. I made a simple call and less than 2 minutes later, it was fixed.
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    Where did you get this latest PRL? I've got the same problem...

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    *228 then hit 2 and it'll download the newest one.
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    It's funny how I get roaming signals now in buildings where a normal Verizon phone would not get any reception. That is one thing I still love about my Verizensteined Treo. In terms of the signal strength bars, they don't give a good indication of my signal strength. Sometimes my 1 bar is as good as a 3 bar on my old Verizon phone. Go figure, I live in a huge city where signals can bounce off the strangest places.

    p.s. I have the latest PRL 50182.
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    My reception with my phone has gotten progressively worse - the last PRL I was on was 50152. I've gone and updated my phone to v1.2 from Handspring (which was pretty easy and didn't blow away any of my settings - I just had to put another initial PRL on it) and now I've updated to 50182. I'll have to see if this fixes any of my reception problems.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenzytom
    p.s. I have the latest PRL 50182.
    How do you go about finding what PRL is currently on your phone?
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    In Phone mode -> Menu button -> Options -> Phone Info

    It has more than PRl in that menu, including the software version, phone number, hardware version, etc.
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    I've noticed the lousy reception since I got the Phone and have latest PRL also. They sent me a replacement but the screen was brown so I returned it right away. I'm trying for yet another replacement.

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