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    I have ATT Wireless and got the unlimited Data Plan.. But leave it to ATT to shove it up my Arse and try to nickle and dime me to death on the SMS/MMS and Text messaging.. They do NOT include this in the Data plan.. Give me a break...

    Ok, what is the best way to do all of the above using my existing data plan???

    By the way. Today is my first date with my 600 and I am in love!!!! I thought is would take forever to bond with it.. but no.this thing ROCKS!!!!
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    Can you try email to another cell phone instead of SMS?
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    I use Snappermail instead of SMS/MMS but I'd like to have a chat interface that purely uses internet access and would not incur SMS/MMS charges.

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    Every provider has the SMS plan separate from the data access plan. You can use e-mail, but SMS is just so much more convenient. I currently have the $5 - 75 message plan, although I am considerring moving up to the $10 - 200 message plan. Extra messages are 10 cents each, and all have unlimited receives.
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    I need to find a way to limit text messages. I replace my pager with my Treo 600 and text messaging so our monitoring software at work could send directly to me without having to carry two devices (pager and phone). But now each page consists of 2-3 TXT messages. Last month that added up to over 900 text messages!
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    SHORT MESSAGING SERVICE. If you need a longer message, send e-mail. Or if you don't have a push mail service for your Treo, send a text message, with a note to check for details via e-mail.
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    there are websites that allow you to send but not receive SMS messages. In the Philippines we have or might want to ty it out.
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    I know exactly what you mean. Most pagers can take up to 200 characters so when you get monitoring messages from systems designed for those devices, they break the messages up in multiple messages for your phone and that can get costly. Most of our computer systems and processes have not caught up with the fact the more and more people are using cellphones instead of pagers now.

    With unlimited internet access and Wireless Sync, it might make sense to have those text messages arrive to your email system and have it pushed out every 10 minutes. That might not be sufficient for you if you have less than 10 minutes to respond to a page.

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