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    My Treo 600 is stuck thinking it's in headset mode. I can't hear them through the speaker, but I plug in a headset and it's fine. If plug in the stereo adapter partial way, I'll be able to hear PocketTunes tunes through the speaker in the back. Plug it all the way and it routes the music through the stereo adapter. Pull it all back out and it's silent again (routing it through the speaker).

    This is the 2nd Treo I've seen this with problem (the first one I had for about 8 months with no issues). Anyone see this or know of a solution?

    I did a search and found a solution in the Treo 180 forum, but it doesn't work for me. Of course the Treo 180 didn't have the playing of music in stereo, so it's probably a slightly different thing.
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    The internal switch in the headset socket is stuck or shorted out. Did you drop the Treo while the headset was plugged in or put a lot of leverage in it (easily done)?

    You may be able to poke aroud in there with a paper clip and get it to release again.
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    I hadn't dropped it or anything beyond normal use this time. The first time it happened to me, I dropped it, but caught it before impact by the headphone cord. That definitely triggered it, but I didn't realize that at the time.

    After about 20 tries, I was able to put the stereo adapter half way in and then remove it with the speaker still going in pocket tunes. That put it back to working as it should. Hopefully this helps someone else with a similar problem. I wonder if all the "broken speakers" are simply this.
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    I had this happen before, but I fixed it pretty quickly:
    I kinda figured the treo was confused with whether the headset was in or out, so I put the headset in and out multiple times within a few seconds. The treo finally figured it out...
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    Had the same problem. Solved it by unscrewing the stylus to use the reset pin. It fits perfectly and has the advantage of being non-conductive plastic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    ...Hopefully this helps someone else with a similar problem. I wonder if all the "broken speakers" are simply this.
    Could be.

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