Does anyone else have problems keeping the Treo 600 turned off? Here are the scenarios that bug me the most:

1. Step into an elevator (in the center of a concrete building). Treo turns on. Of course it turns on -- we lost signal!?! Why the hell would they design it to turn on just to indicate that it had lost signal. Inevitably it is on my belt and the people in the elevator tell me that "your phone just turned on."

2. See Step 1 -- except stepping out of an elevator. Of course it turns on -- we just regained signal!?!? Same rant.

The above two are my biggest complaints. If I didn't have a case with a clear cover I guess I wouldn't care so much, but it would be nice if it would stay off... The one last problem I've had (not so much with the last two firmware updates?) is (1) an alarm goes off; (2) a message (e.g. backupbuddy, etc.) comes on --> the result is that the alarm screen just stays on until the battery dies. Not exactly a "nice" result.

I just installed "StayOff" which doesn't help at all for 1. and 2. Thoughts?