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    What do I have to do to get a warranty replacement from PalmOne?
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    i dont really know i always go through orange UK check out their website
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    you might try calling PalmOne if you want a replacement...I am awaiting my seventh replacement due to speaker phone echo.
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    If you bought your Treo from Sprint. Sprint handles the warrenty service. If it is still in warrenty call Sprint or bring it to a Sprint store for replacement. Lockline (ERP) only kicks in after the warrenty period, or if you need replacement for a non-warrenty reason, like lost, stolen, or you broke it (rather than a mfr's defect).
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    I would definitely recommend the Sprint EPR. I was effortless to get my phone replaced after it was stolen while on a business trip in ATL.
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    all the phones now are palm one branded meaning the screen is pixelated. you can see tiney boxes. the refurb ones have a blue or yellow tint. new is good no tint but has pixelated one....

    not worth 600 $

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