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    I waited for weeks to get a replacement for my Treo 270 from the repair outfit in Belgium (after my flip broke). The new handset has been acting strange and I ended up doing a number of hard resets, a GPRS upgrade and finally a radio reset.

    It's sorta working now but I've been noticing it only seems to connect with a provider on the 900 frequency. (My primary provider here in Germany is O2 on 1900, but it has a provision to hand off to T-Online on 900 if there's no O2 service available. The downside is, T-Online is more expensive because you're always considered to be roaming.) Since I got the new handset it NEVER connects with O2, and when I go "Select Network" it doesn't even find O2. So, could my radio be on the fritz? Would another radio reset help? Or should I just send it back? Whaddya think?
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    Just send it back. It should work right to start with.

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