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    Sorry for the cross posting.

    I just signed up for the TMO internet plan 19.99. I still have the tzone pro grandfathered plan at this moment. I will drop the TZONE pro if TMO internet plan works out good to me.
    I would like to know has anyone successfully logged into the AOL AIM, and ICQ using TMO Internet Plan on TREO 600?
    I can download email (must faster than before but still lagging. not sure why??), and go on web / wap sites smoothly, but i get connection time out when I try to connect to AOL AIM and ICQ. (I would assume I can connect to those programs as all ports are opened for TMO Internet Plan)
    thanks in advance.
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    I use VeriChat to log onto AIM, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN messengers using T-Mo's $19.99/mo. plan. It's worked like a champ for more than a year.

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